Continuing Professional Development Program

Validation and Audit


Ensure your CPD Record is complete for registration renewal. It is not necessary to provide any further documentation of the activities undertaken unless requested for an audit.

A random 15% of CPD Records will be audited in every two-year cycle. Documented evidence will be required of each activity for which accreditation points are being claimed. Points will be disallowed if documentary proof cannot be produced on request.

Evidence of participation includes documentary proof such as:

  • Education
    - letter of invitation to present
    - signed diary note
    - acknowledgement of contribution
  • Meetings and Conferences
    - receipt showing title and date of activity, and
    - attendance certificate. (If this is not available a statement confirming your attendance written on your conference receipt or program, signed and dated by the conference registrar and clearly stating that person's name and position will suffice.)
  • Research
    - Copy of publication; conference program/transactions
  • Self Education/Other
    - Copy of Journal index showing journal title, volume, date and article titles and authors; Subscription receipt;
    - copy of title page from CD/video/DVD/audio;
    - print of web page showing date and full web address;
    - letter acknowledging clinic visit stating educational purpose and signed by clinician

CPD Downloads

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