Continuing Professional Development Program

Program Outline  

The allocation of points is based on the participation level, recognised educational value and time involved in the CPD activity.

Activities are weighted to reflect the activity's recognised educational value as follows:


Active education for example:

  • Teaching others (includes clinical teaching)
  • Conference presentation / Workshop leader / Expert panelist
  • Publication in a recognised journal (including case studies/letters to the Editor)

Participating for example:

  • Conference attendance / Workshop participation
  • Further education (degree upgrade)
  • Journal subscription and completion of assessment tasks
  • Web education and completion of web based assessment tasks
  • Clinic visit for educational purpose

Passive self education for example:

  • Journal subscription
  • Accessing relevant educational audio/visual material: eg watching relevant Video/DVD or listening to relevant CD/Cassette
  • Accessing reputable educational web pages of recognised source eg AAPOS

The CPD Program Points Allocation Guidelines outlines the categories of activities that may be undertaken and the corresponding points allocation. You are invited to propose a specific activity or activity type for inclusion.

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