Registration: Applicants with non-Australian Orthoptic qualifications

To work as an Orthoptist in Australia you are advised to apply for registration with the Australian Orthoptic Board (AOB).  Although orthoptists are not required by legislation to be registered to work in Australia many employers and most public hospitals will ask for registration with the AOB as a condition of employment.

Eligibility to apply for registration:  An undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the discipline of Orthoptics.

As part of the registration process overseas trained orthoptists will be required to provide documentation to enable the AOB to determine equivalence to Australian training standards.
The course content and teaching hours for each subject undertaken by Australian orthoptic students can be viewed in the La Trobe University handbook for Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Orthoptics.  If on reviewing this information you determine that you will need further training to gain registration in Australia please enquire directly with the Orthoptic training schools:

La Trobe University (Melbourne, Victoria)
University of Technology, Sydney (Sydney, New South Wales)

To proceed please complete the Registration Enquiry for applicants with non-Australian Orthoptic qualifications.

As your application progresses an application fee of AU$95 will be payable and typically the following documents will be required. Please do not submit any documents until the list of specific documents required is requested.

1.  a signed application for AOB registration;
2.  a legally certified copy of your orthoptic qualification certificate;
3.  a legally certified copy of your academic transcript;
4.  a brief explanation of each orthoptic subject listed on your academic record;
5.  the number of teaching hours for each of those subjects;
6.  a CV detailing your employment with as much information as possible about your areas of expertise and practical experience;
7.  a legally certified copy of your Registration or Certificate to Practice.

All certificates and documents must be:

1.  legally certified as true and accurate copies of the original;
2.  accompanied by a certified English translation by an accredited translator if the original is not in English.

The application and supporting information will be submitted to the Board for assessment.

Useful links:
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University of Technology, Sydney
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