Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be registered?

Graduates of specified Australian undergraduate degree programs in orthoptics are eligible for registration with the Australian Orthoptic Board. Currently recognised degree programs are offered by La Trobe University (Victoria) and University of Technology, Sydney.

CPD is compulsory for registration and the entry requirements will be advised on application.


Australian qualified orthoptists:

Complete the Registration Application form.


Overseas trained orthoptists:

Eligibility requirements:

  •  undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the discipline of Orthoptics.

Orthoptists who have qualified in a country other than Australia will need to supply detailed information about their qualifications as the Board needs to map competencies against those required for registration in Australia.

Refer to International Registration.

When and how do I apply for Registration?

The Australian Orthoptic Board adopted a two-year registration structure. The current Registration period is from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2025.

The full registration fee (currently AU$280) is payable regardless of when application is made during the biennial cycle. There is no provision for pro-rata or part payment of registration.

I've finished my course but don't have my degree yet. Can I apply to be registered now?

Yes. Recent graduates of recognised Australian orthoptic degree programs may apply before a degree has been conferred and will be considered:
a) with a university transcript of final results stating qualified or completed submitted via My eQuals (My eQuals student/graduate information); and
b) after notification to the AOB by the university that the degree program has been successfully completed and that the applicant is eligible for admission to the Degree.

A legally certified copy of the applicant's degree certificate is required immediately after conferral and within 12 months of registration. Registration will not be renewed if a copy of the certificate is not provided.

I know that orthoptists are not required to be registered but do they still need to have formal qualifications to practice?

Whilst orthoptists do not have legislated registration in Australia the public hospital sector, many private ophthalmology clinics and specialist rehabilitation agencies amongst other employing groups do require orthoptists to be registered with the Australian Orthoptic Board. This trend is increasing with the increased demands on practice and hospital accreditation.

In addition, changes to the Private Health Funds legislation requires orthoptists to be registered for their patients to claim on private health insurance and there are legislated requirements for registration to perform A and B scans and in some states to prescribe glasses.

Orthoptists are required to undertake an undergraduate degree or postgraduate masters degree to qualify for practice. The courses are required to be accredited by the Australian Orthoptic Board for recognition for registration. Currently recognised degree programs are offered by LaTrobe University (Victoria) and University of Technology, Sydney.

Is a receptionist in an optometrist's practice allowed to perform duties such as insertion of contact lenses and checking of eye pressure for glaucoma and other eye tests if they are not an orthoptist?

There is no legislation to prevent a receptionist from undertaking the duties you outline, however the practitioner is taking a large risk in using unqualified personnel performing testing procedures without appropriate knowledge of the processes they are testing for or full understanding of the testing procedures and interpretation of results.

Anyone in this situation would be well advised to carry indemnity insurance as they can be personally sued along with their employer in the case of error.

Do I have to participate in Continuing Professional Development activities to be registered?

Yes, participation in the Continuing Professional Development program is compulsory.

CPD indicates to employers, the public and other professional bodies that you have kept up to date with professional education and undertaken activities in the previous two years. The CPD Program requires completion of 50 points of accredited CPD activity during the registration biennium.

Should I be registered to perform B scan ultrasonography?

The Health Insurance Commissison in association with the Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry (ASAR) introduced in 2002 a program of accreditation and continuing professional education for sonographers.

There are legislated requirements for registration to perform A and B scans.

The ASAR recognises registration with the Australian Orthoptic Board as appropriate accreditation for orthoptists to register with ASAR to undertake sonography in relation to ocular structures.

Refer to Sonography (ASAR)

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