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The CPD Points Allocation Guidelines outline the categories of activities that may be undertaken and the corresponding points allocation and method of point allocation - Self-assess, Pre-approved or Submit. You are invited to propose a specific activity or activity type for inclusion. Please refer to the CPD Activities list before submitting your activity for CPD accreditation - it may already be listed.

Self education activities such as distance learning courses need to be of an acceptable standard and professional relevance. They should be submitted for approval by completing a CPD Activity Accreditation online form unless shown below or on the CPD Activities list

Self assessments are available with some generally web based journals or CPD sites of recognised source. We would be pleased to consider for inclusion any you wish to submit.

The allocation of points is based on:

  • the participation level,
  • recognised educational value, and
  • time involved in the CPD activity.

List the journals on your CPD Record. A copy of the journal cover, table of contents or pages read and the relevant publication information should be kept to support you claim if audited.

Self Education Resources  
Self assessment web based journals or CPD sites  

Guide to professionally relevant Journals
Journal reading does not require pre approval - see FAQs
NB: It is possible for the AOB to disallow points claimed if the Journal is not considered to be educationally relevant. If in doubt, please submit for accreditation.


Australian Orthoptic Journal
American Orthoptic Journal
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science (IOVS)
Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
Journal of Vision Impairment and Blindness
Medical Journal of Australia (relevant articles)
The British Orthoptic Journal

Recognised conferences  
Established professionally relevant conferences will be accredited on submission of the program outline:  
  • ARVO
  • ESA
  • International Low Vision Conference
  • International Orthoptic Association International Orthoptic Congress
  • ISA
  • Orthoptics Australia Annual Scientific Conference
  • Orthoptics Australia tate continuing education meetings
  • RANZCO Annual Congress
  • RANZCO special interest meetings, eg Squint Club, Glaucoma Club, etc - would attract from 3 to 5 points depending on the program
  • RANZCO State meetings
Do you have additions to this list? If so, please let us know.  
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